Fire Performance Safety Lead

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From existing “Fire Performance Safety Lead” page:

Fire Performance Lead Description

The Fire Performance Lead will be in charge of overseeing the safety of fire performers and scheduling fire performances.  The Lead will report directly to the Safety/Fire Lead.

The Fire Performance Lead will schedule numerous open fire performances to occur periodically throughout the event at sanctioned areas.  All fire performers wishing to take part in open fire performances shall receive a permit to perform from the Fire Performance Lead or one of  the Lead's Deputies.  Gate, greeters, and info booth will be informed prior to the event of the logistics for permitting and will receive a list of Deputy names to provide attendees who arrive with fire performance equipment.  Prior to receiving a permit, fire performers will be subject to and must satisfactorily participate in:

--an interview

--inspection of fire performance equipment

--a safety speech

Approved fire performers will receive the signature of the Lead or a Deputy on their wrist bracelet.  Fire performers must have an authorized signature and a designated safety before performing at public fire performances.