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From existing “Onboarding” page:


ONBOARDING LEAD description-

September 9, 2013

(approved. Updated 12/10/14)

Team: Onboarding Department; Ground Control

Support: 3 Spark positions (requested for 2015)

Overview of Role: Essentially serve as the Welcoming Committee for new Ignition members. Head exit interviews for Apo



Budget: $400 for potential printing of packets

Lines of Communications:

Skills for Success:


The initial meeting should be an overview and welcome. Show people where to find information and who to speak to. Do not overwhelm new members with details.

The meetings are suggested to be group phone conferences. Optimize your use of time, there will be many new additions each year. Board members are highly resistant to requiring face to face meetings with Ignition members. Empower Ignition members to start doing their jobs with the fewest hoops to jump through.

Invite Board liaisons to participate in the onboarding discussions. The intent is not to have the Board members removed from the loop of communications. We do not want to create a situation where the Ignition members call on the Onboarding Diva, rather than their liaison.