Welcome to Apogaea email template


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Doc Link: http://apourl.co/Welcome

Below is the Welcome email that should be sent to new Apogaea.com users. When creating an account in Google it will automatically prompt you to send them a similar welcome email, replace the contents with the one below.  Mainly we want to include a link to mail.apogaea.com, wiki.apogaea.com, and to the Ignition Help page (How to Guides).

FROM: IT@apogaea.com

TO: <Personal email address of new user>

CC: 1: IT@apogaea.com;[2: account requester, from UserRequests];[3: <Username>@apogaea.com];[4:<Team lead, if different and known>@apogaea.com ]

Subject: Welcome to Apogaea, here is your @apogaea.com account info - <Name of person>

Hi <Firstname>,

You now have an Apogaea Account! This should be used for all Apo business and all Apo communications should be coming to it. So get logged in and set it up on your various devices, follow Gmail directions on how to do this. 

Your username\login is <Username>@apogaea.com and your temporary password is: <password>

Your new email address is <Username>@apogaea.com

You have been added to the following groups:

For help please contact it@apogaea.com.

You must sign in to Apogaea e-mail at http://mail.apogaea.com and change your password. We recommend checking your e-mail here often and setting up the Gmail App on your smart device. We do not recommend forwarding email, but this may be good to do if your role is only active part of the year. See http://apourl.co/Forward on how to forward if you want to.

Ignition (discount) ticket codes are ONLY SENT to your @apogaea.com email address

Before you can access your Apogaea email and the sites below you must Sign Out of your personal Google account, or use a private\Incognito browser session, or use a different browser that is NOT authenticated with your personal Google account, assuming you have one.

Key Wiki Pages - Your place for internal Apogaea Info! (requires an @apogaea.com account to access):

-> Main Page: http://wiki.apogaea.com

-> Getting started page:  https://apourl.co/HowTo

-> Using your @apogaea.com account:  For more details see: https://apourl.co/YourAccount

NOTE: You are a Spark, not an Ignition member until you are ratified by the Board.  IT has added you to the list of those to be ratified by the board.