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2024 Gate Hours

Work Weekend Hours

Note that for WW Entry, volunteers must be registered.  Registration for WW closes Monday 05/27 at 11:59PM

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Olde Info, but still valid in most cases

2014 Gate Manual

Gate works closely with ASS for securing the event boundaries to ticketed participants

Responsibilities of gate:

Other gate considerations:

Following are documents relevant to Gate operations:

Policies and procedure for gate shift leads:

2012 Gate Manual

Apogaea Security Squad (A.S.S.)

ASS is now part of gate, as of 2019 maybe

Apogaea Security Squad Manual

1. A description of what the Lead does and to whom the Lead reports.

2. A description of what any XXXO position is expected to do.

3. If applicable, what the Daily Leads are expected to do,

4. A description of what these roles do during the Event.

5. "Operational Notes," i.e., your tips, hints and insights.

6. If you know, a listing of past Leads for that department.

7. If applicable, the department's budget.

8. A list of items the Lead and Redshirts should bring with them.

2014 Elements:

2013 Elements:

2012 Elements

2011 Elements