Warehouse Spaces

John Beldock


2855 Walnut St

Denver, CO 80205


Contact info for space rental:

Fusion Factory

3563 Walnut St, Denver, CO

(720) 445-5516

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3821 Steele Street, Denver, CO

(720) 933-9770

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Apogaea is always welcome to use Guildwerks artists collective located at 3821 Steele Street. We have allowed the Colorado Fire Tribe to use the space for free over the past 3 years. The core project is using studio space currently for no charge as well. I hope that everyone realizes that these spaces are expensive to maintain and will participate in supporting monetarily if they can. I support this community and want to see it manifest into everything we could ever dream it would be. Don't hesitate to come to me with any request big or small. I am here for all of you. Lynn 720-933-9770

Space where smash putt was at: