Sparks are like Ignition members, but are selected by the leads of the department they are under, they are not ratified, are not Apogaea Org members, and do not have voting rights.

Sparks get a discounted, 1/2 price, ticket but are required to work at least 18 hours at the event or thoughout the year. If a Spark does not work 18 hours or is a "no show" for shifts they will be unable to be a Spark or Ignition member for the next year, nor will they be allowed to be granted a guaranteed ticket in future years.

All Ignition members and Sparks must be in the list, otherwise they will not get a ticket code. New users can be added by going to For more info on accounts see the Apogaea Account & Profile Information page.

Sparks used to be called "Red Shirts" and was a role created in 2013 and renamed after the event in 2014.