VolDB Wishlist & Feedback

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From existing “VolDB Wishlist & Feedback” page:

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From Clair Lay 1/23/16 based on 2004 usage

From others

Search on user

Admin page

Active lead & Liaison picker

Alphabetic sorting of list


Change to 12 hour time - Ember Reports

Increased capacity & optimize

Timed out during heavy load days

Reporting - Ember Reports

List of shifts under a department

List of all shifts for a person

Better admin controls - Koda

Add\Remove shifts, edit times, set passwords

Support for multiple roles w/ descriptions under a department

Single sign-on w/ Google accounts - Izzy

Leaderboard - Koda

Hide\don't count Ignition shifts

Build out a Apo software development team

Have a profile - Nic

Submit certifications, attach image

Track expiration date

Allow lead to validate certs

Filter shifts based on certs - Nic

Based on number and schedule of shift will determine what type of ticket you get (guaranteed or 1/2 price) - Nic

Then provide ticket codes based on above - Nic

System to track shifts, show\no shows, w/ notes - Uncle Dave, Izzy, Koda

Need to share info in near real-time with gate - Uncle Dave


From Rangers

Ranger role types

(who each have different schedules and permissions or access codes):

Mentor (vets and approves mentees)

Khaki (Shift Lead)

Ranger (Standard Dirt Ranger who has approval via mentor or previous experience)

Mentee (Ranger Candidate who hasn't been approved yet)


Ranger volDB admin (any Ranger technical enough to help configure/update the DB based on requirements below - and has permission via access code/password to do sp)


#As a Khaki

I want to update assigned shifts and volunteers on site

So that I can change previously assigned shifts and flag no-shows


I want Rangers to have the ability to add themselves for additional shifts on site

So that they can volunteer more


I want to disallow rangers from un-assigning themselves from shifts after a certain date unless a Khaki takes that action

So that I can track changes and no-shows


I want to track no-shows in real-time

So that I can update them in real-time and have that data shared with other departments that need it


I want to have the most current schedule in a single reliable place

So that I know who is volunteering and when


#As a Ranger

I want to be able to sign up for shifts on-site

So that I can volunteer more


#As a Ranger volDB admin

I want the ability to add/remove available shifts from each Ranger role/type

So that I can easily adapt to changing needs without waiting for another dept to service that request


I want to be able to issue codes/permissions

So that approved rangers, khakis, and mentors can sign up for only their approved shift types


I want the ability to export volunteer information (*at least email, phone number, permissions, and hours worked)

So that I can stay in contact with specific volunteer groups and reward based on contribution


#As a Mentor

I want to be able to schedule mentees

And approve permissions when they pass mentoring

So that they can volunteer as Rangers


#As a Mentee

I want to have the ability to sign up for shifts on site

So that I can volunteer after I pass mentoring


#As an Apo org

I want a single source of truth for volunteer shifts and a tool that makes it easy for volunteers to sign up

So that I can track volunteerism and no-shows


BDD scenarios:


Given a mentee has successfully passed mentoring


When the Mentor approves their account permissions as Ranger (or issues them a code)

Then the mentee (now a Ranger) can sign up for available shifts


Given an unknown ranger adds an account to the VolDB

When the Ranger admin is notified or checks for pending accounts

Then the Ranger admin can grant permissions (or issue code) as Mentee Ranger Khaki or Mentor


Given a Ranger admin is logged in

When then Ranger admin needs to mail a specific Ranger type group

Then the Ranger admin has the ability to dump the current list of that class (or at least all registered rangers in some reasonable format)


Given a Ranger needs to change a shift on site

When the Khaki approves the change

Then the Khaki can update the shift