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From existing “Maps Lead” page:

The map lead develops the graphical representation of the land the event will be held on and its boundaries, helps the Placement Planner get a detailed placement map built and then builds map variants based on what various stakeholders need.  

The map variants are:

1. Detailed Placement Planning Map (supply blank land map and tools to Placement)

2. Simplified Map for attendees

3. Grid coordinate map for emergency response/BAMF/Rangers.

The Map Lead works with stakeholders to determine what needs to be on the maps, how many, what size etc.  After the final version of the maps are approved by Placement/Map’s Board Liaison, the simplified map will be sent out for printing in a size used by participants (letter size) and 2-3 poster-sized maps for use by the information booth and BAMF.  

The grid map is also printed in large format for incident response teams

Any volunteer interested in the position should possess intermediate level knowledge of computer-aided design and/or GIS.