Communications & Telemetry

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What does Communications and Telemetry Do?

The "Communications and Telemetry" department is focused on communicating to the open community from the Apogaea organization. The team works collaborative with all departments of Apogaea in forming and distributing effective communications. Additionally, the communication team maintains the organization's public website, ensuring that the information is accurate, clear, and effective.

How to get announcements out:

If you would like to have announcements or Apo related events(trainings, art fair, etc.) posted on the Apo blog and the social media outlets, please fill out our content form.

Some info you should have to fill out the form:

How to post an event to the Apo or Community Calendar:

If you would like to have an unofficial Apo related event posted on the calendars(theme camp fundraiser, community event, etc), posted on the website, please fill out the following form:

How to make changes to the Website:

Department Leads and Liaisons - we need your help to keep the website up-to-date. If you notice information on the website is incorrect or would like to update your department's webpage, please let us know. Also, contact us if you have ideas on new content or website functionality.

To request changes to the website, please fill out our content form.

Some info you should have to fill out the form:

How to create or update a Profile:

Fill out the form at:

The Ignition Bio Page Information Form is for Ignition members who do not currently have or need to update their bio on the Apogaea website. This can also be used by both new members as well as returning ratified Ignition members needing to update their bio. Please take a moment to provide us information so your beautiful bio can be displayed on our community website for all to read!

How to request an open role post:

Fill out the form at

The Call Out for Open Roles Form is for Department Leads or Liaisons. Telemetry uses this information to help find the best Ignition/Sparks Member for your department. After this form has been submitted, Telemetry will post the open role to the Apogaea website and announce to the community the role is open. Please help us help you find the best Ignition/Sparks member possible by completing the form to the best of your ability. If you have any questions, please send your email to

Communications Documents: 

The following SOP outlines our standard procedures: 

Standard Operating Procedure for Communications 

The following Code of Conduct applies to all of Ignition: 

Apogaea Code of Conduct for Online Community Engagement 

Current Communication Channels: 

Google Documents: