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Art Committee Lead


        Groups: Art Committee

        Works with: Art Committee Member, Art Committee, Registration, Placement, Board of Directors, BAMF, Event Coordinator

    This is easily a year-round position. It requires knowledge of decisions made by the Board in their monthly meetings and coordination of efforts with other Leads to maximize the incorporation of art into the event.

Art Committee Member

           To apply, email:

           Works with: Art Committee Lead, Art Committee

Artistic Collaboration


            Works with: All Ignition

            The Artistic Collaboration Lead facilitates communication between artists and the community to encourage bigger and better art at Apogaea

Effigy Lead


            Works with: Placement Lead, Placement, Art Committee, Art Committee Lead, BAMF, Fire Performance Lead

            Responsible for designing, building, transporting, and installing the Effigy at the event.

Fire Performance Lead


            Works with: Effigy Lead, Temple Lead, BAMF

            The Fire Performance Lead will be in charge of overseeing the safety of fire performers and scheduling fire performances. 

Temple Champion


            Works with: Temple Lead, Art Committee, Art Committee Lead

            With the savings created by using our previous year’s effigy, the Apogaea 2013 board has voted to use some of the saved funds towards officially supporting a Temple project. We've seen Temples at previous Apogaea, but this will be the first year the board experiments with officially funding and supporting such an effort. As a result, we are facing a glump of brand new challenges and questions. We are looking for a community volunteer to help field the questions, drive the process, and help ensure that this new experiment has the best chance of success we can offer. Candidates should be passionate and knowledgeable about the Temple concept both at Burning Man and various regionals. You will need to attend several board meetings and proactively communicate with a variety of departments and members of the community. We want you to research and report on concerns related to the entire process from the initial public request for Temple proposals through to burn procedures including a storage plan should we be unable to burn again this year. We need someone who will hit the ground running as we wish to get a request for proposals in front of the community as soon as possible.

Temple Lead


            Works with: Temple Champion, Art Committee, Art Committee Lead

            Responsible for designing, building, transporting, and installing the Temple at the event.

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