Since CATS interfaces with arts and the public at large, CATS page is the best source for up to date information.

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Creative Art Team Support (CATS) is a diverse cross-section of the Apogaea population dedicated to maintaining a community that cultivates interest in and pursuit of art, music, and artistic expression.


All art grants are submitted through the Art Grant Robot.

CATS pages on the public website (

Other art-related resources:

Department Roles and Positions 

Additional details are available in the Manifesto

CATS Ignition Roles

All CATS roles are Ignition roles. CATS will present the list of members for ratification in time for ratification at the October board meeting.

CATS Sparks Roles (Kitten)

Kittens (Sparks) roles are a non grant voting role. Kittens attend meetings as able or needed, but are not required to attend all of them. Typically new members of the committee start their term as kittens to learn how CATS functions before applying for an Ignition CATS role the following years

2023-2024 Active Members & Roles