Center Camp

Traditionally, Center Camp has been a central meeting and general use space. It acts as a community center and, to a degree, a main stage. It is one of the only camps completely sponsored by Apogaea and one of the largest pieces of Apogaea infrastructure. The goals of the Center Camp team are to make sure it is a center of creation, interactivity, and the arts--from visual, to theater, to music and beyond.

In the past, Center Camp has also been called "Centropolis." Some documents on this wiki still use this language when referring to the department and/or the physical presence.

Update from 2022

Center Camp in 2022 was a great experience. Apogaea bought a new tent, a beautiful investment after having the previous tent stolen. The Center Camp Cafe was set up in an adjoining carport. Christmas lights were used to decorate most of Center Camp. The structure hosted many workshops including the Ms(cellaneous) Apogaea Pageant, and lots of water, tea, and coffee was served. DPW reported that the tent was much easier and faster to erect. For a particularly hot event, Center Camp provided much needed shade. It was suggested that next year, Center Camp invest in new chairs and tables, as previous years' playa tech tables and chairs were discarded due to years of wear and tear. A new coffee maker was purchased due to one being broken. A budget for chairs, tables, and a red carpet was suggested and approved by the board for 2023. Angela (Japangela) Andersen was the lead for Center Camp. Center Camp also had three Ignition Positions: Cafe Lead, Performance Lead, and Decor Lead. These positions were continued in 2023.


Center Camp Tent

Center Camp is primarily made up of a 40 ft. x 80' ft. pole tent. The tent has 5 main support poles and 40 auxiliary poles, each with a diameter of approximately 4-5 inches.. Note that this is not a frame tent, meaning that there is no place to secure hanging items to safely. Four walls are available for the tent, but in general are not used. If the walls are to be used, all four must be up or the entire structure becomes susceptible to pressure changes in the wind.


Functional Leads:

Center Camp Infrastructure

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Liaison: Firecat

Center Camp: Rare Hare

Performance Lead: Creepy Pockets

Cafe: Goat Legs