Board of Directors

Members of the Apogaea Board of Directors, elected by Ignition, serve staggered three-year terms and help guide the organization with the help of the Bylaws.  Apogaea has a “policy board” meaning that the Board of Directors is primarily responsible for setting policy, not the logistics of running the event. For more details see the Elections page.

Each department has a board liaison and the board works to empower departmental leads and create policies to help guide the growth of the event and the org. For more information about departmental board liaisons, refer to the Org Chart *(needs updated)*

Officers are elected to one-year terms by the Board of Directors. Officers are not required to be board members, but they often are. Past minutes from meetings are on the Meeting Minutes page. page on the board of directors

 Board of Directors related documents:

2019 Board: (As of 7/29/2018) on

2019 Board: (As of 11/10/2019) on

2018 Board: (As of 7/29/2018) on

2018 Officers

Past Board Members

2017 Officers

2017 Board: (As of 8/21/2017) on

2015 Board:

John Perez  - - Appointed in 2014

Scott "Koda" Dudley - - President 2014, 3 year term

Resigned: Noah Deep - Resigned in 2013

Resigned: Brian Edwards - 3 year term - Resigned 1/1/15 - Vice President 2015

Resigned: Nic DeMuth - 2 year term - Appointed 8/10/14, Resigned 1/7/15

Resigned: Kellie Nedrow - Resigned 10/18/14

Resigned: Seth 'Sherpa' Sidelko - Vice President 2014, Resigned  8/10/14

Further historical board members and officers

Apogaea Board and Officer History Sheet

2015 Officers

Class of 2017

Resigned: Andrew Johnson 1 year term, appointed, resigned 2/9/2017

Class of 2016Mariah Rossel - - Appointed by board 1/25/15 - 2 year team

Sharon 'Trail Blazer' Duran -  - Appointed by board 2/2/15 - 2 year team

Michael 'Luki' Blank - - Appointed by board 08/24/2015 - 1 year term

Class of 2015

Resigned: Michael Moss - President 2015 - Elected 8/10/214 - 3 year term, resigned 1/3/16

Resigned: Stefani Nemmers - Appointed 08/24/2015 - 2 year term, resigned 1/18/16

Resigned: Julie 'Twister' Nelson - 3 year term- Elected 8/10/14, Resigned 1/3/14

Resigned: John Perez - 2 year term - Appointed XX/XX/XX, Resigned 09/15/15

Resigned: Eddie Hayes - 3 year term - Elected 8/24/2015, resigned 9/28/15

Greg 'Schmid-E' - - Appointed by board 8/10/2015 - 1 year team

Michael Jay Yancey - - 3 year term

Jason 'Izzy' Sherry - - Appointed by board 8/10/2015 - 1 year team

Resigned: Jen 'Jigsaw' Whitesell - Resigned 8/10/14

Resigned: Steve Merager - Resigned 8/10/14

Class of 2014

Eric Moutz 

Sean 'Sherpa' Sidelko - Board Member 2013 & 2014. VP 2013

Guy Mason - Board Member & VP 2009-2011

Scott 'Evol' Reicket - Board Member 2004-2007, President (2 years), Treasure (4 years)

Cano - Board Member 2009-2012, President (1 year) [Board member for 3 years, president for 1. DPW lead for 2, land search team Member from 2009-2012]

"Johnny One" Semple - - Board Member and Secretary (many of the years 2004-2010) [Board member and Secretary (many of the years) and Info Booth/Publications (waivers, WWWW, Survival Guide) Lead, from Apogaea in Dreamtime (2004) to 2010...]

Kellie Nedrow

Chelsea Trinka (

07-09. Ye Goode Olde Days. Secretary '07, President '08 and '09. Great idea guys, happy to share any insights and lessons learned from the "massively overplamned camping trip". LOL. Is there a way I can link a different email, or would I need to set up a new account for that...I rarely use this one and won't be too timely to respond on it. typically works better. 

Robin Schuster ( - Board of directors 2003-2004

Scott Dudley ( - Started in 2010, first official title was "Temple Builder" For 2011 I was Temple Builder and comm lead. For 2012 and 2013 I was a board member, dpw daily lead, and comm lead. For 2014 I was a board member and President and VolDB lead. For 2015 I was VolDB lead. I do not plan on being a member of Ignition for Apo 2016.

Milkman Amok ( - Founding director of Apogaea, served from 2004-2010

Rachel Cain ( - I was secretary for 1 year, 2011-12. Member of CATS 2011-2014. Ranger too.

Sharyn' Giggles ( - Served as a member of Ignition as the Fire Shin (Fire Performance Lead - Fire Conclave) from 2009 - 2012. I am a proud Board Member Quitter, served 10 months as a Board Member I think it was 2011 into 2012 maybe? dates and years are blurring. I was Accounting Lead during the transition from LLC to NonProfit. After I quit the Board, I stayed on as Accounting Lead overseeing the Financials and the Treasurer. I also stayed a support system for the Fire Shin for a couple years. I am now the Philly Burning Man Regional Contact and am learning new ways of how events and organizations are run from the Philly burners. I hold Apogaea very dear to my heart and hope to see a rebirth of a newer stronger better Apogaea for the future.