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Info Booth is the place for mis-information on everything that is going on at Apo.

The Info Booth, located near Center Camp, has all of the event information you might need about Apo. Looking for a specific art piece or camp? There’s a placement map at Info Booth. Can’t find your friends? Leave a message on the whiteboard for them. Need the time and date for a workshop? The Info Booth will have a printed WWWWW for you to check as well. Lose something, come by to check the Lost & Found, metaphysical items will need to be found elsewhere though.


Lead Role (Ignition member - Works with a board member liaison)

The primary job of the Lead is to ensure Info Booth is staffed to provide information (directions, camping, sound policy, Org, volunteers, etc) and connect volunteers with their various departments. Your staff includes an XXXO, who should take over if you step down or can't fulfill your role, four daily leads, and the shift volunteers. Your team will be responsible for making sure Info Booth is staffed by two volunteers while gate is open, plus an hour or two, and ready to provide information and assistance.


As lead you will need to work with the volunteer coordinate to understand the volunteer tracking system that will be used at Apogaea to track no-shows for shifts. You will also be responsible for getting this information back to the volunteer coordinate RIGHT after Apogaea.


You will work with your daily leads to make sure all shifts are covered by them and two regular volunteers at Apogaea. In addition, you should make sure the list of items are ready and delivered to Info Booth on Work Weekend. Finally, you will need to educate your daily leads on their role, fill in if your XXXO or daily lead can't make a shift, and fill in for any volunteers if your XXXO, daily leads, or volunteers.


At Apogaea you will need to be on the land Work Weekend to make sure Info Booth gets setup correctly and taken down and packed up at the end of the event, this could be delegated if you choose. During Apogaea you will need to take any daily lead shifts that can't be filled by your XXXO or your daily leads.


XXXO Role (Ignition member)

You should be fully informed of everything the lead is doing and be ready to take over if they get "hit by a bus" and be able to share some of the load of the Lead. There should be an assumption that you will take over as lead when the current lead steps down in future years.

Daily Lead Role (Sparks)

As a daily lead you will need to work at least 10 hours and be in charge of Info Booth during your shift. You don't need to be at IB 100% of the time, but should be sober and ready to cover for anyone who doesn't show up during your shift. You should check in multiple times during your shifts and be near Center Camp\IB at all times.


Volunteer Role Description

Managed thru Volunteer DB (VolDB)

Plan on memorizing the WWWW so you can the Apo Know It All? Want to help people find the loudest sound camp or quietest areas? Love to send people off with random directions using rocks, trees, and the smell of bacon as markers? Enjoy maps and colors? Then Info Booth is the place for you? Your job will be to help attendees find out what’s going on (WWWW), where to go, collect lost treasures, and get you in touch with other departments at Apo.


At the Event

Staffing & Role

At Info Booth we will have at least two people at all times to help campers figure out where they should go, leave a message (pin board or white board), leave items or retrieve items from the Lost and Found, and help with Cat Herders to track who did and didn't show up for their volunteer shift. Starting in 2014 volunteer booth is a separate booth & department, so they will be doing most of the volunteer stuff. Info Booth also worked with Cat Herders to fill open or no-show shifts.  The Volunteer booth, which might move into Info Booth in 2015, provided a card with shift times and meet-up locations. Greeters are should ask all attendees if they signed up for a volunteer shift, if so they are then told to goto the Volunteer Booth for further info.


Info Booth has 4 daily leads (Sparks), and XXXO (Ignition), and one primary lead (Ignition) and 50+ event volunteers.


Operational Notes

Info Booth, starting in 2014, we had two radios and shared a channel with Cat Headers. This allowed us to contact them if another department, or ours, needs volunteers, if we had walk up volunteers, and for Cat Headers to report back to Info Booth no shows on shifts.


In 2014 we used the volunteer coordinate's laptop and an Excel spreadsheet to track no-shows, volunteers who did additional shifts at Apo, and floaters. Also in 2014 most of Saturday was covered by the Lead and XXXO, due to a shortage in time from Daily Leads to cover Saturday.

ICC Notes

Starting in 2014 Apogaea started working on an official Incident Command Center (ICC) process. For 2014, part of this was having general\walk-up ICC volunteers meet at Info Booth if there was an incident. Info Booth Lead, or XXXO, or Daily Lead if primary Lead and XXXO ares non-functional, is to goto Info Booth to help with this process and work with Safety/BAMF ICC leads. Until told otherwise, everyone is supposed to stay on their scheduled shifts. Info Booth Lead, or fill-in, reports to Safety ICC lead. ASS will send member to Center Camp for evacuation if needed and Info Booth if they want to help. 


Gate + 2 on Friday & Sat and Gate +1 on Tue-Thur

IB gets broken down on Sunday AM, but this might change in future years to Monday.


Volunteer Sign-up in VolDB

Daily Leads shift sign-up:

Event volunteer sign-up


Past Leads

2015 - Freedom

2014 Jason Sherry - |



Budget: In 2014 it was $100


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