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BAMF: Bureau of Apogaea Medical and Fire

BAMF is Apo's volunteer safety team that coordinates with local agencies about safety priorities for the Apogaea event. We have 4 areas of focus.

Conclave - our community's fire performers and spinners, effigy event performers.  Enablers of the human connection to fire.   

FAST - Fire Art Safety Team, the inspectors for our propane art and related flame effects.  Any fire professionals  are welcome to join the inspection team.  

Medical - BAMF's volunteer squads provide integrated support to Apo's hired medical contractors. They are our community's first point of contact at the BAMF tent in case of injury or incident.  They also commnicate about safety throughout the city, engaging with participants in their camps, helping Apogaea to stay in compliance with fire safety precautions required in the event permit, 

Fire and Incident Response  - primary APO  liaison with relevant agencies, in particular Stonewall Fire District. Understand current fire regulations and provide the Apo fire guidelines to the community.  This part of BAMF is responsible for updating the Event Action Plan (EAP) and Incident Command System (ICS) documents.  We hold 2 all-dept meetings at the event and 1 at work weekend

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