2010 Retrospective

A bunch of Igniters gathered at Milk's Dad's ranch--also known as the middle of nowhere (thanks, Mr Lawrence!).  

We pitched Pakistani or Afghan or some other kind of tent. Then we roasted a goat. 

Each person drew a picture that described their experience of the event.   

But first, we got together to reflect on how Apogaea 2010 went.  We built a timeline ---> 

Then, each person was asked to gather ideas for IMPROVEMENT. We went into *different* small groups to brainstorm the improvements.

Then, each person was asked to think of one thing that was AWESOME, and to think about what made it great and how we can do more of it, or replicate it, or make it awesomer.  Then we broke into small groups, so people could help each other think of ways to build on the awesome.