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DPW Operations Manager:

Administers and helps organize all of the departments within DPW. Is responsible for most of the DPW communications and is the main point of contact for Apogaea staff and the general public. Organizes volunteers and scheduling in the database. Customizes department budget forms. Oversees the final Exodus push and helps Greenery Crew close down Apogaea. This is usually a year round position and there are many small cracks that need filling throughout the year.

DPW Operations Manager XXXO: Keeper of the Aftermath. Second in command under DPW Operations Manager. Assists and oversees all departments within DPW. Exodus second in command and works closely with the DPW Operations Manager. Is in charge of striking all of Apogaea’s infrastructure and the organizing/leading of work crews on Sun of Exodus. Work crews will consist of 5 Road Dogs and 15 Sparks.

DPW Site Operations Manager:

This person will be in charge of organizing all of the power, vehicles (motor pool) and the site operations necessary to run Apogaea. Pre-event duties will include: vehicle rental research, pick-up and/or delivery, and organizing vehicle maintenance and return. Ordering of various power and heat sources such as: gasoline, diesel, propane, propane devices and firewood. In charge of all deliveries i.e. helium, firewood, vehicles, etc.. Ordering, delivery and placement of porta-potties. Apogaea will have a centralized “Site Op’s” area where DPW and Parking will park their vehicles. This spot will contain the DPW carport and will house all tools, fuels, equipment, vehicles and will be the main check in point for shift leads and volunteers. Apogaea’s generator will be located near Site Op’s. The SOM will be in charge of setting this area up and organizing a central command point for DPW. The SOM will also work in conjunction with the Work Weekend Hoss. 

DPW Work Weekend Manager:

Organizes and manages all aspects of Work Weekend. Is in charge of the XXXO, 4 leads and 30 Volunteer Grunts.

DPW Work Weekend XXXO:

Work Weekend second in command. Gives Work Weekend Hoss reach arounds when needed.

DPW Communication Coordinator:

Coordinates all registration and contact information for Work Weekend and Exodus. 

DPW Work Weekend Leads: (4)

Leads for volunteer work crews: mulching, land restoration, Apogaea infrastructure set up, road maintenance, and the unpacking of two semi-trailers full of happy shit :-)

DPW Work Weekend Volunteer Grunts: (30)

Poor bastards :-) This number worked great last year! Let’s not change it.

DPW Manager of the Day (MOD): (8)

Daily leads during the event to oversee tasks. These task are usually mundane, but necessary. Tasks include: stocking porta potties, filling all vehicles with diesel or gas, topping of  generators with fuel, starting fire barrels and keeping wood stocked, getting stuck hippies off of the mountain who went four-wheeling in a mini-cooper. Toting crap from one spot of the mountain to another spot :-) 

DPW MOD Volunteers: (6)

More poor bastards :-) Volunteers to help the MODs.

DPW Road Dogs: (4)

Apogaea Exodus crew leaders for the strike, teardown, storage, clean-up and cold-body disposal crew.

DPW Exodus Volunteers: (15)

15 Volunteers to help with the strike, teardown, storage and disposal on Sun from 12-6. They will be fed plenty of booze and pirate meat on Sun night.