Response Template

Caroline Kert

President, Apogaea

Hi Animusl:


Thank you for your inquiry. 


You can check our website for more info on the festival (  The festival is a bit different than a standard music/arts festival, in that you "book" yourself.  Essentially, you would attend the festival in the same capacity as the rest of our attendees and are free to participate by performing.  We would love to have your music there.


There are a number of sound camps that host musical performances.  So, depending on your needs you may wish to apply to be one of the large sound camps (we have limited spaces for amplified sound camps).  This would be under the theme camps applications.


If you wish, you can create a theme camp and do sound which is not amplified beyond your camp area.  There are fewer restrictions on these camps.  This would be the same application, under theme camps, but note that you do not wish to be an amplified sound camp.  Theme camps often host other performers, workshops and activities.

If you want to have a lower-key camp, you can apply to have your performance hosted by one of the other camps.  Email this address (perform_apply) to send more information about your equipment needs, what kind of music you'll play, what time of day you want to play, etc.  We do our best to match you with a host camp that can help you put on your performance.


Once you have a date and time for your performance, you'll want to make sure people know about it. So, send a description, date and time to the performance registration email.  Then you'll be listed in the event calendar that all the attendees get.


Also note that we are in the midst of our second round art grants.  While there are limitations on what we will provide for performances, you may wish to check the art grants section of our website to see if you might qualify.


Let us know if you have any questions,