Greeters welcome arriving participants, disseminate important safety information, emphasize the 10 Principles, and set the tone for a fun-filled event tempered by responsibility and respect or others. The Greeter Station is located a short (or long) distance from the Gate, where participants have tickets checked and receive wristbands.

Traffic and entry control is an initial part of greeting. Greeters work together to efficiently to ensure that arriving participants understand the basic information they need to know to participate in accordance with the Survival Guide.  This includes a brief presentation on the more important points contained in the Survival Guide, such as fire safety, LNT, quiet hours, issues surrounding consent, and camping  information. Costumes, skits, pop-quizzes on the Survival Guide, or silly ways to positively engage with arriving participants is encouraged. 

Greeter Roles:

Greeters Lead (GL) is responsible for organizing volunteer shifts based on gate hours, working with the board on information to communicate at greeters, recruiting and training greeter volunteers for the event, working with Placement on maps, and working with DPW to set up greeter station.  The GL should make sure volunteers are familiar with the Survival Guide, the 10 Principles, consent information, and any important late-breaking information or updates. GL creates training info and cue sheets for greeters. GL works as day lead for 2 days during event (or whatever is set up).

Greeter XO:  Work as day lead for 2 days during event, switching off with GL; Help GL organize and solicit volunteer shifts; Help develop and print greeter training information

Day Lead: Monitor radio traffic; Train leader greeters (shift leads) at shift changes (8 am, 2 pm); Support greeter station as needed throughout shift

Leader Greeter / De-Greeter (shift lead, ~6hr shift): Greet people arriving at the event (like all greeters); Help orient new greeters (info will be provided); Answer questions or seek answers to them; Monitor radio communication with the gate, etc.

Greeters (~3hr shift): Welcome people arriving at the event; Check wristbands, Share information on safety, LNT, 10 principles, camping, etc.; Information will be provided.

De-Greetes (~3 hr shift): Help direct exodus traffic; Offer a fine farewell to folks leaving the event; Give directions, check sobriety (?) and safe tie-down / packing jobs, thank people for food / drink donations 

Supplies needed on site: 2 radios, 5-10 11"x17" maps, large event map, carport, table, lights and generator, water dispenser, cones, black and yellow storage container with greeter stuff (welcome banner, clipboards,  first aid, etc.), current shift info sheets, cue sheets, signs directing traffic