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The Apo Historian documents and catalogs the history and development of Apogaea and communicates this information to Apo participants.  Communication of Apo's rich history may take the form of written information, files, physical documents, maps, stickers, patches, gifts, as well as oral history (stories, memories documented). The position requires research and interviews, creative documentation and organization of quantities of information in a usable format.  

Starting in 2013, a banner depicting Apogaea’s history was displayed in Center Camp which will continue and should be amended for the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 before the next Apogaea. The Historian will host a “History of Apogaea” storytelling event/workshop at center camp during the event focussing on an oral history by those that were there.

Public Page: http://apogaea.com/about/the-organization/historian/

Contact: historian@apogaea.com