Board of Directors | Ignition | Sparks

For the current list of people in Ignition & Spark positions, use the contact list or goto ( login required)


Board of Directors | Ignition | Sparks

For the current list of people in Ignition & Spark positions, use the contact list or goto ( login required)

 The Apogaea Media and Publications Department (otherwise known as AMP) is responsible for the production of the WWWW, Survival Guide, and other key documents. The department also focuses on photography, video and graphics used or needed by the Apogaea Org. This includes, but is not limited to, managing photo archives in Apogaea photo accounts, creating graphics used on the website and in the Outpost Email Blasts, and create/distribute videos produced by Apogaea, Inc for various reasons (ie: volunteer recruitment, event overview, BAMF training, education on Apogaea Inc’s photography policy). The team works collaboratively with the Communications/Telemetry Teams as well as the rest of the Apogaea Org to create/provide specific forms of media for specific purposes. 


Creative Art Committee Lead


Groups: Art Committee

Works with: Art Committee Member, Art Committee, Registration, Placement, Board of Directors, BAMF, Event Coordinator

This is easily a year-round position. It requires knowledge of decisions made by the Board in their monthly meetings and coordination of efforts with other Leads to maximize the incorporation of art into the event.

Art Committee Member

To apply, email:

Works with: Art Committee Lead, Art Committee

Artistic Collaboration


Works with: All Ignition

The Artistic Collaboration Lead facilitates communication between artists and the community to encourage bigger and better art at Apogaea

Effigy Lead


Works with: Placement Lead, Placement, Art Committee, Art Committee Lead, BAMF, Fire Performance Lead

Responsible for designing, building, transporting, and installing the Effigy at the event.

Fire Performance Lead


Works with: Effigy Lead, Temple Lead, BAMF

The Fire Performance Lead will be in charge of overseeing the safety of fire performers and scheduling fire performances. The Lead will report directly to the Safety/Fire Lead. The Fire Performance Lead will schedule numerous open fire performances to occur periodically throughout the event at sanctioned areas. All fire performers wishing to take part in open fire performances shall receive a permit to perform from the Fire Performance Lead or one of the Lead's Deputies. Gate, greeters, and info booth will be informed prior to the event of the logistics for permitting and will receive a list of Deputy names to provide attendees who arrive with fire performance equipment. Prior to receiving a permit, fire performers will be subject to and must satisfactorily participate in:

Approved fire performers will receive the signature of the Lead or a Deputy on their wrist bracelet. Fire performers must have an authorized signature and a designated safety before performing at public fire performances.

Temple Champion


Works with: Temple Lead, Art Committee, Art Committee Lead

With the savings created by using our previous year’s effigy, the Apogaea 2013 board has voted to use some of the saved funds towards officially supporting a Temple project. We've seen Temples at previous Apogaea, but this will be the first year the board experiments with officially funding and supporting such an effort. As a result, we are facing a glump of brand new challenges and questions. We are looking for a community volunteer to help field the questions, drive the process, and help ensure that this new experiment has the best chance of success we can offer. Candidates should be passionate and knowledgeable about the Temple concept both at Burning Man and various regionals. You will need to attend several board meetings and proactively communicate with a variety of departments and members of the community. We want you to research and report on concerns related to the entire process from the initial public request for Temple proposals through to burn procedures including a storage plan should we be unable to burn again this year. We need someone who will hit the ground running as we wish to get a request for proposals in front of the community as soon as possible.

Temple Lead


Works with: Temple Champion, Art Committee, Art Committee Lead

Responsible for designing, building, transporting, and installing the Temple at the event.

Safety Services


BAMF Medical Leads

More information about BAMF is on its Ignition Page.


BAMF Fire Leads

What: Fire Safety Lead (FSL) is responsible for planning and staffing the fire safety shifts, interfacing with the local fire department authorities, and managing fire safety equipment. The FSL also plays a major role in the event permitting process.

Who: Aaron "Archie" Archer 2016

Reports to: Board Liason (?) 


Works with: BAMF, Medical, Rangers, CATS, Radios, Parking

XXXOO: Charles Sickles 2016

Daily Leads: The Department needs 10 carded structural or wildland firefighters working in teams of two.

Operational notes: Fire Safety Lead (FSL) is responsible for planning and staffing the fire safety shifts, interfacing with the local fire department authorities, and managing fire safety equipment. Fire safety equipment includes extinguishers, rakes, shovels, water buckets. 

The FSL also drafts the Fire Response Plan necessary for the event permitting process.  Because the Department needs 10 carded structural and/or wildland fire fighters, recruitment for these positions should start early in the year.  The FSL need not necessarily be a carded firefighter, however. The FSL must be intimately familiar with all local ordinances pertaining to fire safety and establish contacts with the appropriate county fire officials. This position also requires frequent and clear communication with the Board and all other departments under BAMF, Rangers, and CATS.  Other duties include working with  the safety team to staff event, provide safety support for the burn night, inspect and approve fire devices and art, and set specific fire safety policy.

Budget: ?

Supplies needed on site: extinguishers, work gloves, headlamps, rakes, shovels, radios, and water buckets for burn barrels.

BAMF Infrastructure Leads


Responsible for the setup and teardown of BAMF infrastructure.

Medical Supervisor


Radio Lead


Ranger Leads


Works with: All Ignition


Center Camp Cafe Lead


Works with: Center Camp Infrastructure Lead

Center Camp Entertainment Lead


Works with: WWWW Lead, Center Camp Infrastructure Lead, Registration

Center Camp Infrastructure Lead


Works with: Center Camp Entertainment Lead, Center Camp Cafe Lead

Commissary Lead

    What: Not all volunteers are created equally--some must work long shifts around the clock and remain sober to provide those vital services the event must have to exist.  Those special volunteers deserve a break and the Commissary Lead (CL) is their McDonald's.  The CL makes sure the Commissary is stocked with plenty of food and beverages to handled the needs of those with commissary privileges.  

Who: Dorothy Norbie 2014-2015

Reports to: Fluffers, Caroline Kert


Works with: Center Camp Entertainment Lead, Center Camp Cafe Lead

XXXOO Duties: Karen Cotta

Daily Leads: ?

Operational Notes: The CL prepares a spreadsheet of food and beverage items and where to obtain them for the cheapest possible price (often Costco.) The CL purchases the food and beverages, drives them up to Apo, sets up the Commissary carport after consulting on the location with Placement.  CL is also responsible for making sure the microwave and refrigerator/freezer makes it way on to the Apo trailers and is delivered on site.

Budget: $2,0000

Supplies needed on site: Microwave, freezer, dry ice, paper towels, trash bags, food and beverages

Communications Lead


Works with: All Ignition

Community Liaison (Flaming Art)


Works with: All Ignition

Website Content Continuity Lead


Works with: All Ignition

Apogaea needs a WordPress ninja with the desire to seek out dated information and boldly update what none have updated before. That is to say, we need someone to help keep the content of the website updated. This includes reactively making changes when requested as well as proactively checking on various parts of the site. You’ll be working with advanced WordPress features as well as manipulating images with whatever graphic tool you prefer.

Survival Guide


Works with: All Ignition

WWWW (Who, What, Where, & When)


Works with: Center Camp, Registration, Art Committee, Placement, Maps


What: DeGreeters not only give a friendly farewell to home-bound Apogaeans, but they also help to insure a smooth exit from the event and help to minimize Apo's impact to the surrounding land and neighbors.  

Who: Andrea Sutela, 2022-2023; Sara Nava 2014-2015, Schmid-E 2013, Teo del Fuego 2012

Reports to: Mindy (board liason)


Works with: Gate, DPW

Operational Notes:

GL (greeter lead) will organize shifts based on gate hours, and comminicate training info with volunteers. At the event, the DeGreeter Leader (shift lead, ~6 hr shift)  should oversee all shifts and make sure volunteers know how to answer questions about local facilities (gas, stores, food, lodging, local health facility – closest Hospital (Lutheran Southwest Urgent Car). DeGreeters (~3 hr shift) advise departing drivers when their loads are not properly secured to avoid littering the  surrounding area.  DeGreeters should also be on the lookout for drivers who may be impaired

 Help organize the Food Drive Drop Off, whatever form that takes. Communicate with DPW. 



Works with: Registration, Registration Lead


DPW Dic Head


Works with: All Ignition

DPW Dic of the Day

To volunteer, email:

Works with: DPW Dic Head



Works with: Placement, Maps, DPW


Budget Lead


Works with: All Ignition

The Budget Lead will be responsible for meeting with each Apogaea Team Lead that will need a disbursement and documenting the items needed and their approximate cost, then providing that total amount to the Treasurer for Board approval. When the amount is approved, the Budget Lead will be responsible for entering that amount into Apogaea’s QuickBooks Online. If any organization’s needs change during the year, the Budget Lead will be the primary contact for another run at the budgeting process. This is an exciting position for a finance geek, since it’s Apogaea’s first real attempt at a budgeting cycle! Ability to keep knowledge in confidence is required.


What: One of the most important departments at Apogaea, the Gate makes sure participants have ID, tickets, waivers, and wrist bands.  This is the first experience participants will have upon arrival at Apogaea and it should be run as efficiently as possible.  Problems will invariably arise so the Gate Lead needs to have a calm and cool demeanor and think fast on his or

Who: ?

Reports to: ?


Works with: A.S.S., Greeters

XXXOO Duties: ?

Daily Leads: ?

Operational Notes:Review gate shift report with outgoing gate lead and sign off as witness, count change in cash box


What: The Greener Lead is responsible for helping to raise awareness about Leave No Trace.

Who: ?

Reports to: ?


Works with: DPW

XXXOO Duties: ?Daily Leads: ?Operational Notes: Budget: ?Supplies needed on site: ?


What: Greeters welcome arriving participants, disseminate important information, emphasizes the 10 Principles, and sets the tone for fun-filled event tempered by responsibility and respect or others. 

Who: Andrea Sutela 2022-2023 (; Houston Hurlock 2006-2015; Teo del Fuego 2008-2010 (co-lead)

Reports to: Mindy (board liaison)


Works with: Gate, DPW, Placement (for maps)

          XO Duties:  Work as a day lead for 2 days during event, switching off with greeter lead; Help greeter lead organize and solicit volunteer shifts; Help develop and print greeter training information

          Day Lead: Monitor radio traffic; train leader greeters (shift leads) at shift change (8 am, 2 pm); support greeter station as needed throughout the day

         Leader Greeters (shift lead, ~6hr shift): Greet people arriving at the event (like all greeters), help orient new greeters (info will be provided), answer questions or seek answers to them, monitor radio communication with the gate.

          Greeters (~3hr shift): Welcome people arriving at the event - check wristbands, share information on safety, LNT, the 10 Burning Man principles, camping, etc. Information will be provided.

          De-Greeters (~3 hr shift): Help direct exodus traffic, offer a fine farewell to folks leaving the event

          Operational Notes: Greeters Lead (GL) is responsible for organizing volunteer shifts based on gate hours, working with the board on information to communicate at greeters, recruiting and training greeter volunteers for the event, working with Placement on maps, and working with DPW to set up greeter station.  The GL should make sure volunteers are familiar with the fun and special role of welcoming all the friends, the survival guide, the 10 Principles, consent information, and any important late-breaking information or updates. GL creates training info and cue sheets for greeters.

          Budget: ~$300 (printing, signs, first aid kit)

          Supplies needed on site: 2 radios, 5-10 11"x17" maps, large map, carport, table, lights and generator, water dispenser, 5 cones, black and yellow storage container with greeter stuff (clipboards,  first aid, etc.), current shift info sheets, cue sheets, signs directing traffic


What: The Grillmaster (GM) is the fire-loving, red meat eatin' Neaderthal who feeds the hoards of hungry work weekend volunteers. The most-appreciated Department in Apo.

Who: Bobalicious 2006-2015

Reports to: ?

Email: ?

Works with: All Ignition

XXXOO Duties:?

Daily Leads: ?

Operational Notes: ?

Prepare the main protein meal (hopefully something more creative than hamburgers and hot dogs) for the Saturday night potluck during work weekend. Budget, purchase, prepare, cook, and serve the main protein. Set up and clean up the serving/potluck area at work weekend.

The main protein should have both meat and vegetarian options. Historically we have planned for 90-95% omnivore and 5-10% vegetarian.

Even though most of the potluck side dishes are vegetarian, we have always tried to do something more tasty than plain vegi-burgers. Ask a vegetarian for a good camping food recommendation. It is preferred that the vegetarian options not be cooked on the same surface or have the same utensils used on it as the meat option. FYI: Pasta is very hard to get to boil in large quantities at 8,000 feet unless using a turkey frier to heat the water.

Food should be prepared to over 140 degrees before serving. Food can not be in the 40 - 140 degree window for more than 4 hours (health dept regulations). Apo doesn't own chafing dishes, we usually bring our own to keep the food hot.

Cooking can be done anytime, not just during work weekend. For example: in 2012 we cooked 108 lbs of pulled pork, for 225 people, over 4 days before the event, then reheated it at the event. It is imperative in prepare for feeding 200+ at one time, to be aware that preparation to serving time can take more than 1 day.

Set up tables for participants to bring side dishes for the potluck. You may ask center camp/greeters/info booth/ gate if you can borrow tables if needed. Center camp has some playa-tech furniture that you can ask to borrow too.

Set up close serving area close to center camp so in the event shelter is needed center camp can be used as shelter. Your set up can be temporarily located just for work weekend. After the potluck (or the next morning) remove the set up if it is temporary.

Bring hand sanitizer, hand gloves, oven mitts, dish towels, paper towels, surface cleaner (Clorox cleaner) and soap/water/sponges for dish washing facilities (health dept regulations). You are not responsible for washing participants potluck dishes.

There is no "5 second" rule. If it's dirty then clean it, if food falls on the ground then throw it away. (health dept regulations).

Label all side dishes so they go home with the person who brought the dish. Bring tape and sharpies. 

Send notice out about the potluck with the work weekend announcements (Apo supplies the main dish, participants supply the side dishes). Remind everyone in the notice that the potluck is a Leave No Trace Event.

Coordinate with the Work Weekend Coordinator (usually DPW) on numbers attending the potluck. You must initiate the coordination with DPW to get numbers at least 1 week before the event (contact them at least a month before the event for this). Remind them (DPW) before they do the announcement of your need for early RSVPs from work weekend participants. Make sure the RSVP deadline is at least 1 week before work weekend as numbers can change dramatically that last week if people are allowed to wait until the last minute (mistake learned when we went from 50 to 100 participants 2 days before the event in 2008 or 9).

Historically we have inform people of Radical Self-Reliance during the announcement and tell them we do not supply cups/plates/utensils/napkins or trash bags during the potluck. Again a Leave No Trace reminder.... Usually we still have 1-5 large trash bags from the potluck, which the Grill Master is responsible for removing from work weekend.

Recruit participants to help you before, during and after the potluck: in 2011: 6 recruits (at event); 2012: 14 recruits (prior to and during work weekend). Always serve the main dish the proportions you prepared for, do not let people self-serve or you may run out (once everyone has gone through the line, make an announcement if there are leftovers).

Recruitment takes a good amount of time, recruit early and often. Recruit from people that would otherwise not attend work weekend so you do not overwork people attending (nor will they flake on you because they are overworked), nor take away from work weekend set up. Make sure to coordinate with DPW to get them on the approved work weekend arrival list.

Ask DPW if they want any left overs for those who are staying until the event starts. Plan for aluminum pans or such for give them the left overs in. Tell them if they will have to refrigerate or cooler leftovers.

Coordinate with DPW to have fire barrels and fire wood place nearby. Make sure that each fire barrel has a full water bucket nearby and are not left burning unattended. The water bucket is imperative and a requirement for a burn barrel. Contact the fire lead for other rules and regulations regarding burn barrels. This is your potluck, even if it's located at center camp, you are responsible for the safety of the burn barrels at this potluck. Douse with water or tell people still around fire barrel, when you are ready to leave, to douse the fire before they leave.

And, of course, Leave No Trace when the potluck is finished (coordinate with DPW about ashes from fire barrels) 

Budget: ?

Supplies needed on site: ?


Works with: All Ignition & Sparks

What: The Info Booth, located near Center Camp, has all of the event information you might need about Apo. Looking for a specific art piece or camp? There’s a placement map at Info Booth. Can’t find your friends? Leave a message on the whiteboard for them. Need the time and date for a workshop? The Info Booth will have a printed WWWWW for you to check as well. Lose something, come by to check the Lost & Found, metaphysical items will need to be found elsewhere though.

Who: Freedom 2015, Jason Sherry 2014

Reports to: ?


Works with: All Ignition

Lead: The primary job of the Lead is to ensure Info Booth is staffed to provide information (directions, camping, sound policy, Org, volunteers, etc) and connect volunteers with their various departments. Your staff includes an XXXO, who should take over if you step down or can't fulfill your role, four daily leads, and the shift volunteers. Your team will be responsible for making sure Info Booth is staffed by two volunteers while gate is open, plus an hour or two, and ready to provide information and assistance.


As lead you will need to work with the volunteer coordinate to understand the volunteer tracking system that will be used at Apogaea to track no-shows for shifts. You will also be responsible for getting this information back to the volunteer coordinate RIGHT after Apogaea.


You will work with your daily leads to make sure all shifts are covered by them and two regular volunteers at Apogaea. In addition, you should make sure the list of items are ready and delivered to Info Booth on Work Weekend. Finally, you will need to educate your daily leads on their role, fill in if your XXXO or daily lead can't make a shift, and fill in for any volunteers if your XXXO, daily leads, or volunteers.

At Apogaea you will need to be on the land Work Weekend to make sure Info Booth gets setup correctly and taken down and packed up at the end of the event, this could be delegated if you choose. During Apogaea you will need to take any daily lead shifts that can't be filled by your XXXO or your daily leads.


XXXOO Leads: The Daily Lead should be fully informed of everything the lead is doing and be ready to take over if they get "hit by a bus" and be able to share some of the load of the Lead. There should be an assumption that you will take over as lead when the current lead steps down in future years.

Daily Leads: The daily lead works at least 10 hours and is in charge of Info Booth during his or her shift. The Daily Lead doesn't need to be at IB 100% of the time, but should be sober and ready to cover for anyone who doesn't show up during the Daily Lead's  shift. The Daily Lead should check in multiple times during his or her shifts and be near Center Camp at all times.

Operational notes: The primary job of the Lead is to ensure Info Booth is staffed to provide information (directions, camping, sound policy, Org, volunteers, etc) and connect volunteers with their various departments. Your staff includes an XXXO, who should take over if you step down or can't fulfill your role, four daily leads, and the shift volunteers. Your team will be responsible for making sure Info Booth is staffed by two volunteers while gate is open, plus an hour or two, and ready to provide information and assistance.


As lead you will need to work with the volunteer coordinate to understand the volunteer tracking system that will be used at Apogaea to track no-shows for shifts. You will also be responsible for getting this information back to the volunteer coordinate RIGHT after Apogaea.


You will work with your daily leads to make sure all shifts are covered by them and two regular volunteers at Apogaea. In addition, you should make sure the list of items are ready and delivered to Info Booth on Work Weekend. Finally, you will need to educate your daily leads on their role, fill in if your XXXO or daily lead can't make a shift, and fill in for any volunteers if your XXXO, daily leads, or volunteers.


At Apogaea you will need to be on the land Work Weekend to make sure Info Booth gets setup correctly and taken down and packed up at the end of the event, this could be delegated if you choose. During Apogaea you will need to take any daily lead shifts that can't be filled by your XXXO or your daily leads.

White Boards - Need bigger ones, 2'x3' were used this year Radios - Info Booth did not have a radio the 1st day then got one the 2nd day. But the 3rd day we had the two requested -One radio should always be at Info Booth so the staff there can contact Cat Headers, other departments, and IB Daily Lead as need -Daily Lead should have one radio on them at all times Lost & Found - There wasn't a plan for what to do with items at the end of the event, this was my fault for not thinking of this -- Next year valuable items, those that look like they are worth more than $20, should be collected by Greeners & other staff who is staying on the land until clean-up is done. -- Non-valuable items should be left in a box by center camp until the land is closed to attendees -- After the burn the items should be returned to Info Booth lead to post a list of on-line -- Non-valuable items will be donated after two weeks -- Valuable items will posted in a separate list and retained for two months, then they will be donated also - Need better signage and to better spread the word that Lost & Found is at Info Booth Bigger maps at Info Booth - Due to getting maps info late we (signs lead and myself) didn't get to making big maps, just has 8x11 color print out. - Next year I would like to have a 2'x3' laminated map attached to the outside of IB Volunteer tracking - It wasn't clear to the Info Booth lead and daily leads that this was going to be done at Apo by Info Booth this year until work weekend - While the laptop worked well it would be better to have a low cost Apo owned computer\table for this purpose - The laptop supplied, by Clair, was her personal laptop, and feel that she shouldn't have to leave her pricy laptop in the hands of strangers. A $300 or less laptop\table that can run Excel would be find, which could also be used at board meeting and other function to take notes, etc - Ideally and off-line copy of the VolDB would be great to have linked to tracking at the event, but this is probably over complicating it; the Excel XLS dump from the VolDB and backup print out worked fine

Volunteer Role Description Managed thru Volunteer DB (VolDB)

Plan on memorizing the WWWW so you can the Apo Know It All? Want to help people find the loudest sound camp or quietest areas? Love to send people off with random directions using rocks, trees, and the smell of bacon as markers? Enjoy maps and colors? Then Info Booth is the place for you? Your job will be to help attendees find out what’s going on (WWWW), where to go, collect lost treasures, and get you in touch with other departments at Apo.


At the Event

Staffing & Role

At Info Booth we will have at least two people at all times to help campers figure out where they should go, leave a message (pin board or white board), leave items or retrieve items from the Lost and Found, and help with Cat Herders to track who did and didn't show up for their volunteer shift. Starting in 2014 volunteer booth is a separate booth & department, so they will be doing most of the volunteer stuff. Info Booth also worked with Cat Herders to fill open or no-show shifts.  The Volunteer booth, which might move into Info Booth in 2015, provided a card with shift times and meet-up locations. Greeters are should ask all attendees if they signed up for a volunteer shift, if so they are then told to goto the Volunteer Booth for further info.


Info Booth has 4 daily leads (Sparks), and XXXO (Ignition), and one primary lead (Ignition) and 50+ event volunteers

Info Booth, starting in 2014, we had two radios and shared a channel with Cat Headers. This allowed us to contact them if another department, or ours, needs volunteers, if we had walk up volunteers, and for Cat Headers to report back to Info Booth no shows on shifts.


In 2014 we used the volunteer coordinate's laptop and an Excel spreadsheet to track no-shows, volunteers who did additional shifts at Apo, and floaters. Also in 2014 most of Saturday was covered by the Lead and XXXO, due to a shortage in time from Daily Leads to cover Saturday.

ICC Notes

Starting in 2014 Apogaea started working on an official Incident Command Center (ICC) process. For 2014, part of this was having general\walk-up ICC volunteers meet at Info Booth if there was an incident. Info Booth Lead, or XXXO, or Daily Lead if primary Lead and XXXO ares non-functional, is to goto Info Booth to help with this process and work with Safety/BAMF ICC leads. Until told otherwise, everyone is supposed to stay on their scheduled shifts. Info Booth Lead, or fill-in, reports to Safety ICC lead. ASS will send member to Center Camp for evacuation if needed and Info Booth if they want to help. 


Gate + 2 on Friday & Sat and Gate +1 on Tue-Thur

IB gets broken down on Sunday AM, but this might change in future years to Monday.

 Volunteer Sign-up in VolDB

Daily Leads shift sign-up:

Event volunteer sign-up

 Budget: In 2014 it was $100

 Suggested Things to have at Info Booth


What: The Lamplighter Lead (LL) recruits Lamplighter volunteers and maintains and repairs lamps as necessary.

Who: ?

Reports to: ?


Works with: Placement

XXXOO Duties: ?

Daily Leads: ?

Operational Notes:

Budget: ?Supplies needed on site: ?



Works with: Board of Directors

Spearhead the long-term effort to search for a new home for Apogaea, and/ or evaluate how our current land tenure situation is working.  

Parking Lead


Works with: Placement, DPW, BAMF

Parking Daily Lead

To volunteer, email:

Works with: Parking Lead

(listed as a department, individual roles below)


Works with: Registration, DPW, Sound, Land, BAMF, FAST,  CATS/Art Committee, WWWW, Signs
(and all stakeholders with physically allocated space such as Artists and Theme Camps)

Department overview:
The Placement Department maps, configures, and allots space for, and coordinates with all stakeholders with registered/mapped physical location onsite larger than 8x8 ft or with sound, fire, or safety logistics.

(this includes but is not limited to: theme camps, art, port-os, department use areas [BAMF, fire spinning areas, center camp tent, DPW camping, info booth, acculturation, volunteer tents, gate/greeters, Ranger/Medical tents etc], central generator, emergency services, roads, and open camping areas)(This extends to RVs, parking areas, and utility vendors as needed)


The goal of the Placement Department is to create the design for a ‘temporary city’ that includes major thoroughfares, neighborhoods, and a layout that is cohesive, harmonious, flowing, and navigable. 

Considerations for placement include not only the individual aspects of each part but also how they fit together when it comes to their diverse attributes. 

This includes but is not limited to measures and differences in safety, event functionality, fire, sound, accessibility, kids content, adult content, complementary values, thoroughfare proximity, privacy, size, and specific site needs.


Placement duties can be broken down into multiple roles including duties of:

Registration ingestion 

Map asset creation (including road names to be given to the road names lead in DPW)

Cross departmental communication

Extra-Departmental communication (theme camps, sound, and artists)

Land mapping (can include GIS, satellite, and drone imaging)

Map creation: for web, print, emergency, vendors, departments, and art map (and sound if not done by sound lead/team)


On-site placement related problem solving

The Placement Department should operate with mutiple Ignition members pre and at the event, including a Placement Lead and XO(s), with their duties negotiated based on time, skill, interest, and senority/experience.

It is the role of the Placement Lead to fully train and acculturate their XO(s) and predecessor(s) in all things Placement related, to lead by example, and to assist XO(s) with their duties when needed, and work with other departments to make Placement run efficiently for the needs of the Placement team and event. XO(s), like the Placement Lead, are expected to do significant work before the event, up to many hours a week, (mainly in the Spring) and take mutiple Lead type shifts with the department during the event.

On-site Placement Lead shifts are ONLY to be held by individuals with Placement training (including past Placement Leads). When necissary, individuals with de-escalation and creative problem solving training may be accepted for these shifts.

Placement oversees Flagging during Work Weekend. Placement should be the first onsite after Land, Board, and DPW core leads.

Flaggers work under the Placement Team during Work Weekend with basic training and assets communicated by Placement before Work Weekend.
Flaggers participation consists of Work Weekend Shifts and as such, are Sparks members if they pull 2-3 8 hour flagging shifts or flag the duration needed.

Placement works with all stakeholders to make sure that their needs are met (prioritizing their needs and the needs of the greater event over their prefrence).
Placement uses registration information and when possible/necissary, documented correspondance to ensure that all entities recieve the space they need to operate successfully.
Placement creates a preliminary map that is shared with all departments and placed entities for feedback and improvement. This feedback is used to make the final art map that is then given to Board for approval: if the Placement team has set their timeline by early Spring, communicated with all departments on print turn around time, and has sent out communications and reminders to Board without board concensus for approval, Placement makes best efforts to get approval from board members before sending to print if print deadline is beyond due.
Placement works with Work Weekend leads and DPW leads to get communications out about work weekends area setup expectations pre-flagging pre WW.

Placement seeks to have the least shift onsite when possible so that the maps can be used accurately, especially for Rangers/EMS."
When someone sets up in another's area onsite and the area designee needs them to move, Placement is to inform the incorrectly set-up individual(s) as to their options on where to go if needed: if they don't listen to Placement, Placement gets Rangers involved, Board if needed.
Placement should make every effort possible to strategize solutions for those who need replacement with the least impact to other groups, and should seek their enthusiastic consent on any solutions that impacts their pre-determind allotment of space/location.


When on a land that requires reparking of vehicles and specality allocation of space for all RVs and similar, Placement allocates spaces for re-parking and Parking operates inter-dependently with placement onsite as needed.

Mapping is currently set up as a multi-Placement-Lead/XO endevor, with different types of maps being spearheaded by different people. 


The bare minimum map variants are:

1. Detailed Placement Planning Map (supply blank land map and tools to Placement)

2. Simplified and/or Printer Friendly Map for attendees

3. Grid coordinate map for emergency response/BAMF/Rangers (can have overlap with attendees maps)

Ideally, Placement is also involved in maps for vendors, web accessibility, and creates a spreadsheet of placed entities by name and coordinate location.


Works with: All Ignition

Sound Lead


Works with: Placement, Rangers, Maps, Registration, Art Committee

The Sound Camp Coordinator collaborates with sound camps to communicate sound policies, help them find manageable speaker placement and volume levels (especially during quiet hours), and works with the Placement Planner to process sound applications and place them in a way that works in the fabric of the city.  The Sound Camp Coordinator also helps review and develop sound policy when necessary to ensure harmonious existence between sound camps and other stakeholders (such as those who desire quiet camping).

This person also takes periodic SPL measurements at the property boundaries and at sound camp epicenters to support the sound policy and document our control of sonic impact to the festival site’s neighbors.

The Sound Camp Coordinator is a collaborator and a negotiator more than s/he is an enforcer; however the Sound Camp Coordinator does have a say in what sound camps are invited back or are asked to shut down based on their citizenship.


Works with: Placement, Art Committee, Maps, Center Camp, WWWW 

The mission of Apogaea’s Sustainability Committee is to encourage participants to make Apogaea more environmentally, culturally, and economically sustainable through education, inspiration, and communal effort. By focusing on collaborative, grass-roots efforts, real social consciousness, and permeative conservation, the ASC hopes to amplify the sustainability efforts of our local, regional, and international communities, both in and out of the Burner-sphere.


What: The Quartermaster (QM) is responsible for the storage, organization and safe keeping of all articles owned by Apogaea, in a single, central location throughout the off season.

Who: Dave Robson, 2006-2015

Reports to: ?


Works with: Transportation, All Department Leads who rely upon Apogaea-owned infrastructure, All Ignition.

XXXOO Duties: Orlando 2015, Mike 2015 Responsible for loading and unloading of trailers during work weekend and after the event.

Daily Leads: None

Operational Notes: The QM maintains an inventory of inventory needed on site, such as: burn barrels, structures, generators, sound baffles, light housings, extension cords, decorations & soft lighting, signage, toilet paper, and miscellaneous items.  When loading the trailers, the QM must carefully plan placement of each item not only to insure everything fits inside the trailer but to try to accommodate which items will be needed immediately upon arrival.  DPW is responsible for delivering infrastructure to be stored or hauled in the trailers to the QM.  The QM periodically announces, via an email blast to all Ignition, inventory walk-throughs and deadlines for delivering to the QM items to be stored or delivered in the trailers.

Budget: approx. $1,000 to pay for storage of trailers and for incidental repairs and/or shelving.

Supplies on site: Work Gloves, headlamps, air compressor, chainsaw, miscellaneous tools.


What: The Transportation Lead is responsible for getting the Apo-owned infrastructure to the site when it is needed, i.e. Work Weekend.  This Lead coordinates transportation of the Apo trailers to and from the event.

Who: Cap'n Ron 2009-2015

Reports to:  Mariah Rossell


Works with: Quartermaster, All Ignition

XXXOO Duties: None

Daily Leads: None

Operational Notes: Must have a semi capable of hauling 48' trailers.  Transportation Lead is responsible only for hauling the trailers to and from the event, not for loading or unloading them, which is the responsibility of the Quartermaster.  Trailers must be delivered to the site by the beginning of work weekend and hauled away after the event as soon as possible. Trailers are stored at Denver Storage at 38th and Steele when not in use at the event.  Coordinate with Placement upon arrival at the site to determine the best place to park the trailers.  Coordinate with the Quartermaster for pickup of trailers.

Budget: Fuel on receipt reimbursement basis.



Works with: All Ignition

Volunteer Coordinator

What: The volunteer coordinator (VC) is responsible for making sure leads have enough openings to fulfill their requirements and communicating with past volunteers, to recruiting new volunteers to participate in our city.  The VC creates and provides Volunteer Binders and Volunteer Reminder Cards to various department leads by Work Weekend.  

Who: Dana Deason 2015, Claire Eclaire Lay 2014, Dana Deason 2008-2013

Reports To: John Paris


Works with: All Ignition

XXXOO Duties: None

Daily Leads: None

Duties: VC creates volunteer reminder cards and creates Ground Control Binders.  There should be 4 binders (notebooks) for Info Booth, 1 for Cat Herders, and 1 for any department that has volunteers.  VC also is the data base manager and runs reports from the Volunteer Database.  Volunteers at Greeters and Placement are tasked with handing out the volunteer reminder cards to those entering Apogaea who have signed up for a volunteer shift.  VC is responsible for delivering Binders and volunteer reminder cards to the event during work Weekend.  The Binders should include a list of the Ten Principals, a map of the site, a radio guide, and an informational sheet on how to retain volunteers.  See Links below for contents of Binders and sample Volunteer Reminder Cards.

Operational Notes:  Prepare the Binders and Volunteer Reminder Cards early enough to have them ready for Work Weekend.  Prior to Work Weekend, VC should contact and coordinate with the Acculturation Department Lead and the other Leads who have daily shift volunteers.

Budget: $500 on reimbursement basis with receipts.

Supplies on Site: By Work Weekend, bring 35 Binders, volunteer reminder cards, a bag of pens, and post-it notes.

Links to contents of Binders and Reminder Cards: (soon come)

Volunteer Appreciation Gifts Lead


Works with: All Ignition

Cat Herder


Works with: All Ignition

Youth Coordinator


Works with: All of Ignition

The future of our community, and the world at large, is in the hands of our children.  While Apogaea, as a whole, is a safe environment for our kids, the goal of the Kids Coordinator is to find ways to get then more involved.  As this is our first year out of the gate, we will be planning a daily event (Thursday through Saturday) directed specifically at the 18 and under set, giving them the opportunity to participate more and feel the radical inclusion we strive for through the Ten Principles.