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Elections are held normally once a year for Board of Directors in Sept. Using an on-line vote Ignition member vote on the new board members yearly. By default three board members terms, which are three years long, expire every year so at least three board member positions are open every year. If a position opens during the year the current board members vote on the new member, per our By-Laws. The election process takes several months and having the board appoint a new members GREATLY reduces the time it takes to fill open spots.

Possible candidates should email their application to candidates@apogaea.com, which is a Google discussion group and community members, even those without an @apogaea.com account, will be able to post, read, and reply to topics related to the elections and the candidates. You can view the posts here: http://apourl.co/Candidates. But this group is not meant for discussion and questions, only to view the initial application of a candidate.

Discussions\Q&A with candidates should be done via the Elections@apogaea.com group, which post can be made and viewed here: http://apourl.co/elections-forum

When joining the group you have four e-mail notification options, see below, choose the one that will work best for you.

If you have issues or questions contact it@apogaea.com.

Related Election messages planning doc: Election Messages & Plan (for current year)

Related Bylaws, from the 1/5/2020


Section 1. Board of Directors. There shall be at least three and no more than nine  Directors of the Corporation. The members shall hold an annual election to fill  seats on the Board of Directors that will become empty due to the end of Directors’ terms.  

Section 2. Nomination of Directors. A nomination period shall commence each  year beginning on July 15 (unless approved to begin earlier or later by a majority  of the Board of Directors, but in no event later than 45 days after June 14). The  nomination period shall terminate on August 1 of that same year (unless approved  to terminate earlier or later by a majority of the Board of Directors, but in no  event less than 14 days after the commencement of such nomination period). The  Election Supervisor shall receive the nominations during the nomination period  and each nominee shall be added to the election roster.  

Section 3. Eligibility for Nomination as Board of Director. Any person submitting  an application for nomination for the Board of Directors or Officer election must  have attended one Apogaea event or served as a member of Ignition or Ground  Control for one year prior to the Board nomination. Application materials must indicate the applicant’s understanding of the 10 Principles and ‘Burner’ culture.  

Former Board of Directors Members or Officers who failed to complete a  previous term must be approved as a nominee by the current Board of Directors  prior to nomination to a new Board term or Officer position.  

Former Board of Directors Members or Officers alleged to have committed fraud  or financial malfeasance related to their service to Apogaea, Inc., regardless of  whether their previous term was completed, must be approved as a candidate by  the current Board of Directors prior to nomination to a new Board term or Officer  position.  

Section 4. Voting for Directors. Following current Board of Directors’ review and  approval of nominees for Board of Directors, The final slate of nominees shall be  submitted to the Election Supervisor. The Election Supervisor shall circulate the  final ballot to each member of the Corporation for voting. Election of Directors  may be held by electronic or hard copy ballot and shall be conducted by the  Election Supervisor, as appointed by the Board of Directors from time to time for  that purpose. Each member shall be entitled to one vote for each Board position  that will be filled in the election and in a manner consistent with a procedure  approved by the Board of Directors. Cumulative voting shall not be allowed. 

Voting members may not vote for the same candidate more than once in each  election. The voting period shall last for two weeks. The winners shall be that  number of candidates equal to the number of positions to be filled who receive the  most votes. In the event of a tie in any election described herein, a vote by the  Board of Directors shall serve as the final tie-breaker. The results of such Election  of Directors shall be circulated to the members within twenty-four (24) hours  following the last day of the voting period. The term of each elected Director shall  begin the day following the date of the election.  

Section 5. Qualification for Voting Rights. For purposes of voting for Directors in any given year, the members qualified to vote shall include all members actively serving at that time, who meaningfully participated in the operation of the  Apogaea festival during the same calendar year, as determined by the Board of Directors.  


Section 1. Management. The business and property of the Corporation shall be managed by the Board of Directors who shall be selected as provided herein and shall serve until the election and qualification of their successors.  

Section 2. Term. The term of office for Directors shall be three (3) years. The  term of each elected Director shall begin the day after the date of the election.  Section 3. Mentoring Period. The three (3) month period immediately following  the election of Directors shall be utilized by the Board of Directors as a mentoring  period, during which active and outgoing Directors may educate and direct  incoming Directors on the management of the Corporation.  

Directors who have previously been appointed to a position on the Board of  Directors of the Corporation may join the Board of Directors as a Director via  election immediately following the term of their appointment. This completed  appointment term, followed by a completed elected term have the same meaning  as two (2) regular, elected consecutive terms. These Directors may seek  appointment or reelection after at least a one (1)-year sabbatical period.  

Section 5. Staggered Terms. No more than 1/3 of the Board of Directors may have  terms that end in the same year. The Board of Directors may, by a majority vote,  extend or lessen the term of designated Directors by no more than one year to  meet this requirement.  

Section 6. Vacancy. Any vacancy occurring in the Board of Directors by reason of  the resignation, removal or inability to act on the part of any Director may be  filled by the majority vote of the remaining Directors. The term for such vacancy  shall end on August 31, post-event. The appointee may run for a regular Board  seat at that time.  

Section 7. Dismissal and Removal of Directors. Ignition and Ground Control  members and Regional Rep.) votes to The membership of the corporation may  remove only for cause, one or more of those Directors elected by them or those  Directors appointed to fill a vacancy (Art. VII, Sec. 6). A Director may be  removed only if a simple majority of the current members (ratified) remove that Director for cause. A Director may be removed by the membership only at a  meeting called for the purpose of removing that Director, and the meeting notice  shall state that purpose, or one of the purposes, of the meeting is removal of the  Director. The entire Board of Directors may be removed for cause under this  Section.  

Section 8. Resignation. A Director may resign from the Corporation at any time  by delivering written notice to the corporation at its principal place of business. A  Director shall be deemed to have resigned if s/he does not attend three (3)  consecutive meetings of the Board of Directors, or if s/he fails to carry out their  duties as directed from time to time by the Board of Directors. If the Director fails  to attend such meetings or meet such obligations, the remaining Board of  Directors may, by vote, confirm the resignation of the Board Member and such failure to attend or meet obligations shall be effective as a resignation at the time  of such vote of the board.  

Section 9. Election of Officers. At the annual meeting of the Board of Directors a  President, Vice President, Secretary and a Treasurer shall be elected by a simple  majority of the current Board of Directors to serve for the ensuing year and until  the election and qualification of their respective successors. Any vacancies that  may occur among the officers or committees may be filled by the Board of  Directors for a term to end at the same time as the term of the officer or  committee member who is being replaced.