Rraine's Report (Positivity)

I didn’t get to go to Apo last year and I was pleasantly surprised to see all the changes that have happened since 2008.   


Info Booth

I think there should be a radio in the info booth for the info booth volunteers so they can call to get the information they might need. 



I was supposed to have a safe place in Centropolis to house the lamp lighting equipment.  This was not provided. 

On Thursday I had a bunch of people asking me where to go for their Centropolis volunteer shift.  There was no one there to tell them what was needed and they wandered around for quite awhile waiting for direction.   



I needed help putting up the lamp posts as well as taking them down.  One call to DPW and volunteers appeared quickly to help me.  I’m glad to see we now have a DPW and that it appears to be working well.



I got to be one of the first patients in the med tent.  From what I saw I think medical did a fabulous job,  other than Cynthia having to work too much because of volunteers not showing up.



It really bothered me to see signs/flyers telling me to recycle/be more green/etc.  It seems hypocritical to waste paper telling me to not waste resources…..  The waste of paper to put Justin Bieber’s photo in every porta-pottie bothered me less. 



I was under the impression the sound camps were to be all in one general location.  I may have that wrong.  Most of the evenings, the area of the lower meadow with the sound camps was much more quiet than the area up behind the info booth.  For two nights, the whomp truck was parked right behind me and the ground under my tent literally shook.  Earplugs didn’t make a difference.  Most nights the acoustic sound camp was amplified music, not acoustic at all.  I purposely chose to camp away from the sound camps.  I don’t mind music at a reasonable distance, but it was at a sound level and bass level that was invasive.  Is there a way to ensure better placement so people can choose where they want to camp?  I think this is probably difficult due to the size of the event and size of the property.