Registration stands for connecting individual and group identities with information.

Event planning and things Registration is currently a web application that provides and gathers information for the following departments: Center Camp, WWWW, Placement, Sound, BAMF and were working with CATS, DMV and DPW to include their registrations in the future.  If your department would like to use the web application to gather information just email 

Departments running their own registration systems include: IT, Volunteers, Tickets, Gate, etc..

The Registration lead serves the community, volunteers, and various departments to gather and provide information about the organization and the event.  Apogaea is organized to have many registration systems operating at the same time, the average Ignition member might have their identity stored separately in 10+ systems the average participant 5+.  Like the convergence of TV's, phones and computers it will be interesting to see which registration system wins out over time - will it be Google Apps, Ticketfly, a renegade MySQL database or something we haven't heard of - hmmm.  Rest assured the winning system will not be a Google Form.