Retrospective Notes

Introduction & Instructions

Below are the notes from the Apo retrospective. I'm beginning with the literal typing of all the info we collected on index cards and flip charts.

My hope is that people who were there will add their own comments and observations. Also that we will use this space to add furthur comments, and to group like items together, to rank them by priority, and to turn them into actions items. We can evolve how we do that over time.

People originally in attendance (please update as I'm sure I missed someone): Chel.C, J1S, Caroline, Ronica, Travis, Forest, Pixie, <name removed at request>, Shutterbug, E-Vol, Karmalicious, Schmid-E, Houston

Part I: World Cafe

What Happened

Each table represented an area of the organization. For each area, everyone was asked to write down what they had noticed, or what had an impact on him/her--good or bad. Each idea was written on a single index card.  Each person had 5 minutes at each table in which to read what others had written, add new ideas, and/or add stickers or comments to indicate agreement. Below are the results.


+1 (or +2 etc) indicates that someone added a sticker or mark of agreement.

// indicates comments added by another person.

The Results


(Includes: permits, legal, planning timeline, insurance, handling busts)


(Includes: Effigy, Placement, Grants, Stage, Theme Camps, Fire Art)


(includes: Recruitment, logistics)

Safety (Third)

(Includes: Medical, Rangers, Fire)


(Includes: Web-site, Marketing, Newsletter, Photography, Printed Materials, Info Booth, Town Hall)


(Includes: Parking, Security, PortaPotties, Ice, Greeters, Earth Guardians, DPW, Gate)

Part II: Discussion

What Happened

Having collected a lot of detail, and read each others' ideas, we opened it up for discussion. We didn't capture all the detail of that discussion, but rather just key ideas on which we can build. Some of these items repeat what was on the cards. That means they were deemed worthy of further discussion and mention.

Key Ideas

The End

We started an hour late, ran an hour late. We gathered all those index card, and had discussion. Now what? We need to build on that, gather input from others, and turn ideas into actions.

Step One: The commitment to put this information on the collaboration site, and to widen access to that site.

Retrospect the Retrospective

We collected feedback on the retrospective itself, so we can improve next time.

What worked, the positive

Deltas, do better next time