Data Collector Manager

Aka Survey Monkey, Elections, Polling, Ember Reports, and Census Lead 

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This role covers Census, Survey, Ember Reports, Polling, and Elections data gathering and support. This role is under IT & ICC department.

Data Collector Manager Standard Operating Procedure: 

This Ignition position handles all things related to data collection; including but not limited to elections, polls, Ember and Afterburn reports, and helping out leads to collect info from Ignition and attendees of Apogaea.

Over the course of the Apogaea year you will be responsible for running the following:

A good candidate for this role should have the following skills:

This role works with the ICC (Internal Communication & Collaboration), IT, External Communications, Mission Control, and departments leads to get and disseminate information.

Afterburn Reports

On website: 

On website: 

2015 - No event. :(

2010 - Attempted combined paper at event and post event online survey. Some combination errors, increased proportion of easy to compute quantitative questions. Online survey was on ballotbin

2009 and previous - Paper at event surveys with mostly qualitative questions