Apogaea Media and Propaganda (AMP)

 The Apogaea Media and Publications Department (otherwise known as AMP) is responsible for the production of the WWWW, Survival Guide, and other key documents. The department also focuses on photography, video and graphics used or needed by the Apogaea Org. This includes, but is not limited to, managing photo archives in Apogaea photo accounts, creating graphics used on the website and in the Outpost Email Blasts, and create/distribute videos produced by Apogaea, Inc for various reasons (ie: volunteer recruitment, event overview, BAMF training, education on Apogaea Inc’s photography policy). The team works collaboratively with the Communications/Telemetry Teams as well as the rest of the Apogaea Org to create/provide specific forms of media for specific purposes. 

AMP Lead

Ground Control | | Work with: All of Ignition

As AMP Lead (Apogaea Media and Propaganda), otherwise known as the Media Department, you’ll be responsible for coordinating the survival guide, WWWW, graphics, video and photography departments. You’ll assist with departmental onboarding, department goal setting, and general tasks when needed. In general your focus will mostly be on video and photography, helping to launch the fledgling videography department and further define the infant photography department. The goal of the AMP Department is to bring awareness to media art and capture at the event while building up the efforts to fully capture imagery of our community year around. The majority of this role is organizational and administrative–helping to ensure the success of others in their roles and guide and aid them in their tasks to achieve a common goal.

Survival Guide Lead

Ground Control | Email: | Works with: All Ignition but mostly AMP Lead, BAMF, Rangers, Placement, & Board

The survival guide is participants’ main source of 'troll'-free information for the event. It’s a compilation of every event policy and rule, a checklist of items to bring (and not to bring), a guide to event hours, safety, directions, and more. The SG Lead is responsible for working with other department leads, graphic designers and volunteers to create this invaluable resource and make it beautiful.

WWWW (Who, What, Where, & When)

Ignition | Email: | Works with:  Center Camp, Registration, Art Committee, Placement, Maps

Online Community Reporter

Ignition | | Works with: All of Ignition and Telemetry

Facilitate transparency in communication between the board and the community by writing blog posts, posting events, writing newsletters, and reporting back to the board with input from the community. This is a year round post requiring heavy involvement with the organization. You will need to attend all board meetings for your monthly meeting report. It is helpful if you understand WordPress, MailChimp, and HTML. We’ll also be looking for someone with solid writing skills and someone who can post online as Flaming Art when necessary.

Photography & Video Lead

Ignition | | Works with: CATS

The role of the photography department is…

The photography lead will be responsible for accomplishing these functions and managing volunteers, while helping to grow and evolve the overall department.

Working knowledge of photography techniques is essential.

Internal Graphic Design Director


If you have a passion for graphic design and are a master of pixels, maybe there's an Ignition role for you. While we support community driven graphic design contests every year, we still have many varied oddball graphic design needs. We now have an official Ignition position available for a volunteer that would like to process our photos, if you know what I mean. More specifically, we're asking you to be an "on call" artist to do all kinds of photshopish stuff.