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Ignition position: Kids Coordinator


The future of our community, and the world at large, is in the hands of our children.  While Apogaea, as a whole, is a safe environment for our kids, the goal of the Kids Coordinator is to find ways to get then more involved.  As this is our first year out of the gate, we will be planning a daily event (Thursday through Saturday) directed specifically at the 18 and under set, giving them the opportunity to participate more and feel the radical inclusion we strive for through the Ten Principles.

Current policy on kids at Apo is that they are welcome, and they're even *free* if they're 12 or under.  That's better than most regionals!

Kids are required to be attended by a guardian at all times. There are areas that are "Grownups only", which means no kids allowed even with their parents.

"Back-in-the-day", Apogaea let parents handle how they camped - for the first couple years a "Kidz Kamp" self-organized. Then Apogaea attempted to foster the kids camp; allotting resources (including a lead and small budget) to the effort and met with mixed results. 

Current discussion tends toward going back to the more "radically self-reliant" approach welcoming (indeed encouraging) families to form a kids camp and ask for resources as they see fit.