RV/Car/Trailer Camping Policy 2012

Below is the link to the Google Doc for RV/Car/Vehicle Placement. 

The main drivers behind this policy are land restriction, both by geography and the owner.  The 2 vehicle par camp limit is because of the landowner's desire to minimize impact to the land, as is the RV's parking in designated areas.  This could be renegotiated, but I didn't know that until after the policy was written.  A theme camp limit of 3 or 4 vehicles might be workable if proposed to the landowner early enough in the planning cycle.  Because the land is so hilly, flat spots big enough for RV's and cars are limited, further contributing to the need for designated areas.  This also creates the need for the registration process; we need to know how much area to designate.  That said, if the festival were to move to a new location, this policy could be relaxed or eliminated, creating a situation where people can camp where they want without worrying about registration, designated areas, or per theme camp limits.

This policy puts the burden on placement to create RV spots that are appealing, i.e. flat, decent access, protection from sound, distance from porta-potty smells.  The satisfaction of RV campers is thus highly dependent on thoughtful placement.  Larger land with fewer restrictions would reduce placement burden.